Nuclear Theory @NC State

Welcome to Nuclear Theory @NC State


The theoretical nuclear and particle physics group at North Carolina State University investigates a broad range of topics relating to the fundamental interactions of matter. These include the study of quantum chromodynamics, confinement, large-N theories and volume dependence, topological excitations, the quark structure of mesons and baryons, hadronic interactions, hadronic matter under extreme conditions, photonuclear reactions, heavy ion collisions, cold atomic systems, superfluidity, viscous hydrodynamics, electroweak symmetry breaking, neutrino mixing, neutrino interactions with nucleons and nuclei, stellar evolution, supernovae, nucleosynthesis, the early universe, tests of the standard model, light-front quantization, effective field theory, and lattice supersymmetry. Our group has ties with the nearby Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator (JLAB), with funding opportunities from the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) available for qualified graduate students. The members of our group are involved in collaborations with the astrophysics, atomic, condensed matter, and experimental nuclear groups at NC State, as well as hadronic theorists and experimentalists in the Triangle area and beyond. Together with Duke and UNC Chapel Hill, our group co-hosts the weekly Triangle Universities Nuclear Theory TNT seminar series. We also co-host the NC State physics theory seminar (Theory Talks). Our faculty, staff, and student offices are located in Riddick Hall.